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The Miami Museum Of Science & Planetarium Changes Its Name

June 21st, 2007

New Name, Logo and Design Is Unveiled to Update Miami-Dade’s Oldest Cultural Institution and Anticipate the Future Bayfront Location

MIAMI, Fla. – May 14, 2007 – The Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium has a new name: The Miami Science Museum, or MiaSci for short. The new name comes with a new logo for the Museum and logos for each of the core components of the current and future building to be located in Museum Park on Biscayne Boulevard.

The name and logo were developed to build excitement for the bold new $275 million Museum, while honoring the Museum’s history as Miami-Dade’s oldest cultural institution. MiaSci (pronounced my-sigh) was chosen because it evokes a personal connection to this community and incorporates “MIA” which is recognized internationally as an abbreviation for Miami.

“We wanted a logo makeover that anticipates the new Museum and the ‘living laboratory’ that we are constructing for all to enjoy,” said Gillian Thomas, Museum President and CEO. “I think this logo does it perfectly. Not only is it eye catching with its blend of modern and retro design, but it has global appeal and nicely represents the many facets of science and technology.”

Logo Design Packed with Meaning

The logo design, created by the Bionic Brand Lab team in Miami, isn’t just a graphic designers’ inspiration – its visual appeal is packed with meaning. The bubbles, or circles, represent the idea of being dynamic and ever-changing. This key element also represents many scientific themes like air and water, chemical reactions, cells and microorganisms, atoms and molecules, and of course planets.

“The scope of the new Museum is quite ambitious and the end result will place it among the ranks of some of the world’s great museums. We wanted to create an identity that reflected the Museum’s stature in the world while at the same time giving it a strong connection with Miami,” said Bionic Brand Lab’s Executive Creative Director, Walter Strump. “We believe that the designing of the logo is a vital first step in the ‘building’ of the new Museum.”

The orange represents energy and the aqua blue color represents the ocean and sky – together the colors combine the various aspects of the aquarium and marine science center with the dynamics of space and our new planetarium. The green reiterates the Museum’s focus on developing a “green” building that leverages South Florida’s natural resources.

Updated Look Anticipates New Construction

The brand image and identity captures and communicates many of the planned features of the new Museum including the environmentally friendly “green” features; four times the current capacity with the addition of two or more floors, more than doubling exhibition space; an aquarium; a Planetarium and rooftop Observatory; 25,000 square feet for the Historical Museum of Southern Florida; an outside science playground; a science theater; and an entertainment suite for public events.

The Museum’s popular Wildlife Center will have a new home as part of a green roof, which will reflect the South Florida hammock and integrate the Museum’s living collection of birds of prey and reptiles. The new building will also feature an innovative three-story Aquarium that will capture a “slice” of land and sea life representative of the Miami coast. The new Planetarium and rooftop Observatory will greatly upgrade the existing facility and expand the Museum’s long term commitment to naked eye astronomy with the latest in interactive digital technology.

Each of the future Museum’s key features including the aquarium, atrium, energy center, exhibits, laboratories, planetarium, interactive learning components, theater, and wildlife center will all have their own logos. The logo variations include:

The conversion to the new Museum brand identity will be fully implemented by the summer and will include a new website. Two weeks ago the executive search team at the Museum made recommendations for its architectural team which includes top-contenders Grimshaw Architects of London, and Rodriguez and Quiroga Architects Chartered of Miami.

The MiaSci Museum will be funded through a combination of public and private donations. Fundraising efforts are led by capital campaign committee chairs and noted philanthropists Paula Brockway and Paul Dimare.


The Miami Science Museum continues to bring special traveling exhibits to South Florida such as Amazon Voyage, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and The Dinosaurs of China. The Museum aims to make a difference in people’s lives by inspiring them to appreciate the impact that science and technology can have on every facet of our world. The Museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums and is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. For more information about the Museum, visit or call (305) 646-4200.